Hobo's Words


I find very practical the cut of the Baluchon It really fits my body and follows all my movements: great for cycling!


It's every day the Dolce Vita with my Baluchon!


Every morning when I put it on, I feel like I'm going on an adventure! It is really comfortable even to walk 15km through the olive trees!

Tania & Simon

Our great Baluchon accompany us absolutely everywhere! Work, evening, sport, weekends ... In a word: inseparable;)


No need to change your bag to go to the beach: I slip all my stuff for the weekend and hop, I turn it into a beach bag! In addition I love its bright color.


I love the fact that the Baluchon is so lightweight. I take it wherever I go: work or vacation, it's like an extension of my body!


Crazy about my VPDDLG case!

So beautiful and  super resistant to put all my tools.


I am the first fan of the VPDDLG Baluchon! I take it absolutely everywhere with me: it's my everyday handbag that transforms for my long weekends across France. What I appreciate is to be able to wear it on the shoulder or slung according to what I put in it.


My Baluchon is the essential companion of all my outings. So practical it allows me to take my home without worry!


It's been almost 3 months since we traveled to South America. The bag has accompanied us everywhere, in the jungle in Brazil, in the salt desert in the North of Argentina and in the Andean Cordillera. We carry a lot of bulky equipment: tripod, camera, microphone ... the Baluchon is perfect for this trip!


We all have an hobo who sleeps in us ... Whether for a little outing or a great journey to discover a new continent, the Baluchon is a perfect companion.


This is for me THE bag that avoids the headache: no need to change bags according to my dress, or the activity I'm going to do: my Baluchon adapts to all situations and all my styles. It simplifies me everyday!

Les Arnaud,
Arthur & JB

Friends of long standing, every weekend in Normandy, we can redo the whole collection!


My "super bag" is really saving my life!

I'm in Cambodia for work and it's amazing what you can put inside! I love the fact that it's a bag made to last!


A trip, a ride, the beach, shopping ... Yes often but NEVER without my Baluchon !

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