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Like all the objects we design through our studio "Unqui designers" or our publishing house "VousPouvezDormirDansLaGrange", the backpack is the result of hard work around simplification. Dozens of drawings and prototypes were used to create a unique object. 

Economy of means, playfulness and purity are at the heart of our design approach. We always aim for simplicity, ingenuity, and minimalism in order to set things in motion, whether we are designing products or creating methodological objects.

Founded in 2011, our studio has notably won the prestigious Emile Hermès prize and the Prix Prouvé.

Coralie Frick & Arnaud Le Cat - Unqui Designers



A designer idea

Observing that we never had a bag to the right size, Coralie and Arnaud, founding members of the studio Unqui designers,  launched the self-edition of the VPDDLG baluchon in 2013.

Thanks to its patented system, the Baluchon unfolds in one move from a small daily carry bag to a weekend companion. So it can can accompany all the activities of a day.


“Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange”* présent a universe of spontaneous departure, lightness and freedom. By going off the beaten track and stereotypes, the brand combines elegance and quality.


* " YouCan Sleep In The Barn" in French

VPDDLG par Unqui Designers

VPDDLG par Unqui Designers

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A tribute to the Hobo

The hobos were American wanderers moving from city to city following the railroad tracks. The name of the brand is the translation of "can sleep in barn". A sentence represented in a single sign by them. Hobos used to engrave such signals on the property fences of houses they stopped by. Thus they could inform their peers of the possibility of finding shelter, work or food.

“Vous Pouvez Dormir Dans La Grange is an ode to freedom and movement”


At the beginning of the adventure, in 2013, Coralie and Arnaud were up-cycling scrap fabric pieces of French luxury fashion houses to make their Baluchon. The limited amount of fabric made each bag almost unique.


To innovate in the making of the perfect product, they started working with French manufacturer since the beginning. Thanks to the proximity they had with their manufacturers and the feedback from customers, they could improve their products more easily.


After 5 years of adventures and experiences, they have found the perfect fabric for there collection: lightweight, waterproof and stylish!


In 2018, Coralie and Arnaud took a new step for the brand by launching a permanent bundle collection with consistent colors. To start with, a timeless colour: Charcoal Black, as well as two new shades inspired by nature: Poppy Red and Cypress Green.

This first "big" production was successfully funded via  an Ulule campaign , launched in July 2018.

Since then, they have launched the backpack, just as elegant and practical as the backpack.

And soon: a swing to feel light as air, and other surprises, made in France, for a life on the move!


Once again guided by a mindset of adaptability, we designed our cases so they can accommodate their volume to their content.


Wa also designed a key ring (in two sizes) combines, like all VPDDLG objects, elegance, and functionality.


We have a lot of accessories in mind to simplify your life! A toiletry bag, a hat and more ... are coming.


Quality & Know-How

At VPDDLG, we put time and efforts in crafting high end products. We pay particular attention to the quality and assembling of  materials.


That's why all our models are fully assembled in France, by a workshop we value for its expertise and know-how. Being close to our production center allows us to closely follow the crafting and the quality of each of our products.


We are proud to manufacture in France, it allows us to offer quality products, simple but essential, made for following you as long as possible!



We only select high-end raw materials, our leather is a French cow leather "Full-Grain" with a vegetable tanning.


Once the best skins are selected, they are exclusively tanned with trunk and bark trees natural substances. The result is an extremely natural product whose production is subject to the recycling of wastewater and therefore totally clean for the environment.


Only vegetable tanning allows the leather to retain all its strength and therefore its resistance over time. This leather, soft to the touch, reveals all its authenticity and patina over time and use.

French vegetable tanned